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Thank you for visiting Lawsuit Pending Records. This is a temporary web page for us to keep our online presence while our main site receives a major overhaul. We have included a audio player so you can listen to our signed artists we hope you enjoy. You can also find us on Facebook or email us by clicking any of the LPR logos on this page if you require more information about our products services or our artist roster
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LPR are currently involved in the MIX The Month In Music charity for children project " Voices " a 16 track various artists album click the picture to visit the dedicated website
LPR are proud sponsors and suppliers of MIX The Month In Music a online magazine and official website supporting signed and unsigned artists globally click the picture to visit the official website
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Derek Buddemeyer
re-release of
"Afterthoughts" available soon
Remastered edition
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Vrane Kamene ( Crows of Stone ) New single PET Minuta Paznje ( Five Minutes Of Attention available in both Serbian and English
Yoshie - Model Glam-Rock-Punk-Metal and more
Check out our new model Yoshie visit her new site for more info
Robyn - Model Versatile-General to extreme-Fashion-Sophisticated, available for advertising your products contact us for more details. Visit her site to see more
Our LPR Models are currently featured in LPR Advertising and MIX The Month In Music. They also appear in various other promotions. We welcome both to the LPR Stable and for a limited time we offer not only competitive pricing but the following discount

Using stock image
Free advertising layout 3 designs

Special order photo
Free advertising layout 4 designs

Includes a free full page ad in MIX The Month In Music magazine
New songs to be uploaded soon on IMRadio
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Our newest LPR Artist
MIA de NIRO - Dance/Electro Pop. Mia is a talented Singer/songwriter and pianist
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